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Fundada en 2017, IdGo nace en respuesta a los requerimientos de diversas organizaciones quienes buscaban servicios especializados en Sostenibilidad y que fueran liderados por expertos de múltiples disciplinas.

Our group has developed a value proposition based on the trajectory of our members, with the aim of responding to the requirements and challenges faced by companies and their corporate governments.


At the Governance level, our proposal is to accompany organizations in the design of a competitive strategy on long-term sustainability issues, involving the entire value chain and its supply chain, with extension to the inclusion of all interested parties.


Complementarily, the relevance of international agreements and their repercussions at the national level have taken the issues of "regulation and compliance", the New Compliance, to a new level.

Finally, we accompany companies towards a step-by-step transition towards the incorporation of Research, Development and Innovation through technological prospecting, obtaining investment and funds and designing innovative strategies driven by sustainability.


All these actions and proposals lead to the development of operational plans, indicators, reports and risk and impact evaluations.

Our purpose

In our company, we focus on advising and conducting transformational change processes, supported by a wide network of experts to lead organizations, companies, investors, governments and businesses in the changes necessary to move towards compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals in a context of uncertainty regarding impacts and future scenarios in a climate change and global trends framework.

Our purpose


Nuestra Red Internacional de Desarrolladores



The Military 5620, Office 815

Las Condes - Santiago


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